David Bowie World 7″ Records Discography Volume One – 1963-1971

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By Reto Stöcklin & Christoph Heid
From Liza Jane to Changes
Including reissues & related records
266 pages
Nearly 1,100 illustrations
All records and sleeves illustrated front and back
High-quality print
With special surprise
Distributed by Marmot Publishing, Switzerland
Copyright: Reto Stöcklin & Christoph Heid © 2021
ISBN: 978-2-9701414-1-9

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11 reviews for David Bowie World 7″ Records Discography Volume One – 1963-1971

  1. Reto

    As co-author, I just want to say that this book is a huge achievement for me and I am extremely proud. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my co-author Christoph Heid and all my friends who contributed with their devotion and passion. What an amazing adventure!

  2. Christoph Heid

    I was very happy to co-author this bible. In addition to all the good information on the web I am using Marshall and Reto’s 2018 book as reference when it comes to find details about Bowie 7″ records.

    The combination of extremely useful information – much of it new to most collectors – with wonderful photos of desirable and interesting rare items makes the book a pleasure to look at, to read – and to use as reference.

    It is a must for everyone interested in David Bowie 7″ records and I can only suggest to buy this wonderful book as long as it is available for sale.

    Thanks so much for Reto for all the sharing and to all the many contributors around the world for their valuable input.

    Christoph Heid

  3. Peter

    Being a Bowie fan for nearly 50 years and relying on the first edition of the book since 1994 there is only one word that tells it all: ASTONISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reto and Christoph….Love On Ya! What a great tribute to our MAINMAN. David would have loved it and probably will right just now.

  4. Mike

    For rating, there aren’t enough stars, man. What can one say except it is sublime beyond the paradigms of what is and shall ever be: indeed, Satori must be something just the same. Look down here David, we’re in heaven XXX

  5. Gianni

    I am a small collector of David Bowie and I want to thank Reto and Christoph for what has been done.
    The book is a true work of art for collectors of 7″ but also for fans of live concerts as the writers. I must say that the long wait was rewarded by the result.
    Ciao to all.

  6. Captain Craig

    Reto/Christoph and all involved, Thank you for such a fantastic publication. The images are excellent, the information invaluable…I now have a collection to be proud of all under the cover of this beautiful book!!

  7. Steven Price

    When the news of this updated version of Marshall Jarman and Reto Stöcklin’s book David Bowie world 7″ records discography 1964-1981 broke, it was a hotly anticipated release amongst the Bowie fraternity , in fact there was so much interest in this book ! Reto Stocklin and Christoph Heid, arguably the premier collector set about on this mammoth task compiling this wonderful book, backed by an army of serious Bowie collectors who also contributed.This book took an enormous amount of time to produce as they gathered all the information they needed to make it complete but boy was it worth it!!!!, beautifully presented, packed with information and all in glorious colour. If you collect David Bowie 7″ singles then this is THE Bowie bible for you!!

  8. Fred

    I have orbited ‘Planet Bowie’ since 1972 as a young 11 year old boy.I thought i knew everything about my hero; i was wrong. This fantastic,well realized book is stunning with beautiful pictures.An absolute ESSENTIAL purchase for any Bowie aficionado.

  9. Paul Osborne

    As a Bowie collector since 1972 my early years of gathering information on releases was by word and mouth and whatever information I could glean. Fast forward years I don’t want to count and I have what I can only describe as a Bowie singles bible. The set out, information and photographic images are second to none. I can’t imagine the work and effort that went into producing this masterpiece. An absolute brilliant read and a mine of information. As a Bowie fan I cannot recommend this high enough,Reto and Marshall take a bow chaps you deserve it.

  10. Georges

    Achat essentiel. Précis et très bien documenté.

  11. Paul Woods

    Proud to be a member of the fellowship and contributor to this superb tome. These boys know their Bowie and this incredible labour of love stands out above all the books of this type as the gold standard.

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