David Bowie World 7″ Records Discography – 1964-1981 (Softback) – STOCK CLEARANCE !!!

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By Marshall Jarman and Reto Stöcklin

Published by Marmot Publishing, Switzerland
Copyright: Marshall Jarman & Reto Stöcklin © 2018
ISBN 978-2-8399-2188-6

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Dimensions 21.7 × 28 × 2 cm

9 reviews for David Bowie World 7″ Records Discography – 1964-1981 (Softback) – STOCK CLEARANCE !!!

  1. Marmot Publishing

    Paul Kinder

    The 1994 original book was my go-to Bowie vinyl bible for the past twenty-three years. Its well-thumbed pages now see it placed in the bottom-drawer of a filing cabinet. It’s a little sad, but now everything has changed. Helping produce this brand new edition of the book has been one hell of an experience to say the least. I freely admit, working on this book was genuinely frustrating at times, but some things are just worth it. This is one of them. To see the amount of encouragement, input, help and advice from ‘Bowie Ultras’ was quite immense. Everyone involved should be really proud. The softcover preview version arrived the other day. I don’t need to read it. Not just yet. I can literally recite it word for word! Thank you to Marshall and Reto. Wasn’t that a blast! Now I’ve aged another ten years, where’s my Bowie spider venom instant anti-aging cream!!! Oh! I nearly forgot… review of the book… ‘Yeah. Just buy it.’

  2. Marmot Publishing

    Heather E. Pottle

    Marshall and Reto’s book ‘David Bowie World 7” Records Discography’ is visually stunning and a delight just to hold, peruse like an art book. The comprehensive scope and meticulous detail with which each 7” record is presented will no doubt be invaluable to a collector at any level. Not to be mistaken with a mere catalog, however, the book examines many topics related to 7” records, such as the production and distribution of acetates, specifically with regard to David Bowie’s use of them, and the political and cultural influences on the content, production, and distribution of records in various geographic regions. It is the definitive David Bowie reference for any collector and I am very proud to have been part of the process. Now buy the book!

  3. Marmot Publishing

    Fred Smith

    I have orbited ‘Planet Bowie’ since 1972 as a young 11 year old boy.I thought i knew everything about my hero;i was wrong.This fantastic,well realized book is stunning with beautiful pictures.An absolute ESSENTIAL purchase for any Bowie aficionado.

  4. Marmot Publishing

    Martin Jones

    Having purchased the new book I can confirm that this is Gold for any Bowie/Record collector. The printing of the images is top quality and this revised bible is not to be missed.

  5. Marmot Publishing

    Mike Meehan

    For rating, there aren’t enough stars, man. What can one say except it is sublime beyond the paradigms of what is and shall ever be: indeed, Satori must be something just the same. Look down here David, we’re in heaven XXX

  6. Marmot Publishing

    Peter Gooren

    Being a Bowie fan for more than 45 years and relying on the first edition of the book since 1994 there is only one word that tells it all: ASTONISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reto and Marshall….Love On Ya! What a great tribute to our MAINMAN. David would have loved it and probably will right just now.

  7. Marmot Publishing

    David Williams

    i have many Bowie books in my collection this work of Art surpasses them all…We are forever thankful to Marshall and Reto…not forgetting all the contributors.

  8. Marmot Publishing

    Malcolm Forbes

    This is an excellently produced book and an essential reference. it is an absolute must buy, if you are a David Bowie fan. Many thanks to Marshall and Reto, and all the contributors.

  9. Marmot Publishing

    Gary Wallace

    To Marshall, Reto and all of the other devoted contributors involved in bringing to fruition, this UNBELIEVABLY SUPERB updated version of Mr Jarman’s 1994 ‘Bible’ ……You’re Heroes, For Ever and Ever!!!

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