Volume One: 1963 – 1971

By Reto Stöcklin & Christoph Heid

Published by Marmot Publishing, Switzerland
Copyright: Reto Stöcklin & Christoph Heid © 2021
ISBN 978-2-9701414-1-9

Softcover edition

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A deeply expanded and updated edition

Softcover edition


Reto Stöcklin (on the right) has been a passionate collector of David Bowie records for more than 45 years, starting with Bowie’s seminal Ziggy Stardust album. Reto started collecting in the days of snail mail lists and the uncertainty of knowing whether the record that you so desperately wanted was going to be yours. The days spent exploring flea markets and record stores in the hope of discovering a previously unknown gem held an air of excitement now sadly missing in the Internet age. Reto has contributed to many magazines, discography books and websites.

Christoph Heid (on the left) shares Reto’s passion for collecting David Bowie records. This began for him at the age of 12 in 1972 when “The Jean Genie” promotional film was shown on German TV. Collecting Bowie records means that the more you learn about the subject, the more extensive your collection becomes – and the longer your wish list of records and variations grows. Collecting is a nice addiction and will probably never stop.

It is the aim of the authors to share their passion for collecting David Bowie records with other collectors and to contribute to documenting David Bowie’s 7” vinyl records as completely as possible.

Table of contents


In 1994, rare record dealer and Bowie 7” collector Marshall Jarman published the first edition of this discography with the help of many collectors worldwide, including his old friends Reto Stöcklin and Christoph Heid. In 2018, Marshall and Reto published a successful update of Marshall’s legendary book from 1994, and there have since been many requests for an update. Marshall decided to pass the baton and Christoph and Reto have taken up the challenge of a new and greatly expanded edition, divided into several volumes, of which this is the first.

What’s different?

The book still lists records in a chronological order and is divided into chapters, one for each year. However, for the ease of reading and reference, we decided to list records by the date of first release and to keep all releases of a record together – including reissues and later releases of material from the same period. For each title, the records are now listed with UK and USA first, followed by all other countries listed alphabetically, followed by reissues. As a result, all records of a title such as THE LAUGHING GNOME are now grouped together in a few pages instead of being spread throughout the book, facilitating comparisons. Hence this new layout is easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Acetates, memorabilia, curiosities and unofficial records have not been included in this softback edition to keep it affordable and avoid excessive postage fees.

What’s new?

First, all sleeves and record labels are now illustrated front and back, including major label variations – with new explanations in many cases.

Second, with our new vision, we documented all reissues as well as recent releases from the same titles.

Last but not least, we added the new section “RELATED” to the end of each year, documenting other artists’ recordings in which Bowie played a major role. This section covers 16 releases and 59 records, from the 1965 RESTLESS / TAKE MY TIP by Kenny Miller to the 1971 OH! YOU PRETTY THINGS by Peter Noone.

What’s next?

Volume two, of course, but also a deluxe hardback version of Volume one to include acetates, memorabilia, curiosities and unofficial records, but probably only in 2022.

Here we are, with 34 countries, 55 releases, 320 records and nearly 1,100 illustrations spread over 266 pages. We hope you will find this new book a useful addition to your collecting literature.

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